No Kitty

As relieved as he was to see someone real, his joy was soon crushed as the oblivious druid reached out and pet him.
In the time it took for him to comprehend that she was in fact petting his head, she had come to her senses and jumped out of his reach. His ears lay flat and although she had stopped, he couldn't help but give a hiss of discomfort.
“ I’m not able to log out ether” she said jumping backwards away from him. That’s when she noticed Artemis by a tree he was drunk. She shook her head. “ let’s go sit with Artimis he drunk and will need me to keep an eye on him” she said.
He took some cold comfort knowing he wasn't the only one stuck, though he wondered if the other testers were even still alive.
"Are you two with the others in the hall? How many others are stuck?"
There were more questions he had, but for now he condensed the list to these two.

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