I'll drink to that

" Fuck them, Fuck them all indeed… " Cyndel echoed offered a nod and a sad and melancholy smile at the Bards rather public declaration.

" It's really sweet of you to offer my dear… " Cyndel said than letting hand touch lightly upon the Bard's cheek stopping short of offering either a positive or negative response. Rather taking the girls arm in her own. " I say why stop at two glasses, two is not nearly enough to drown all the sorrows that life hold's is it ? "

Snapping her fingers unseen hands relieved a trio of servants of their trays of food and drink. The trays following after Cyndel as she guided her companion down the corridor.

" I say we find a room and bar the door and have our own party and if your lucky you'll get to hear me sing … I'm told I'm horrid at it but after a few dozen drinks I doubt either you or I will care."


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