Artimis smiled and responded, “Yes, we are the group that is being honored for great and mighty deeds and there seems to be a number of us that are stuck kere.” It was an alcohol induced plan that was forming. He realized that, well it was more of a realization of Al Ker’s was feline, gave him the idea. Being a cat would get him where he wanted to go. Cat’s don’t give a rats ass about dumb human protocol rules.

“Serenity, watch my stuff. I’m going to climb the tower and find her suite.” He said pulling off his shirt. “The Grey Mouser,” he said pausing try to get his arm out of his sleeve and stopping to get his mind and body synced again. The boots caused him to roll on the ground a bit. It felt good to have his feet free. He removed the dagger daggers his belt and boots and placed them in his cloak. “Watch these for me please.” he said Handing her the note and two of his daggers. Then he continued the prior though saying, “always has a plan.”

Now Artimis wasn’t being extremely quiet as he surveyed the tower. He was looking for the best path to take up the building. He started to sing a very poor rendition of “Uptown Funk”, well the “Don’t believe me just watch part,” when “water” was thrown from a balcony onto him. He wiped his hand down his face to clear the water from his eyes. Then he came back to the two of them in a very non-linear fashion.

“Shhhhh, my plan..” said then laughed. “My plan is to climb the tower and find the Princess’ room.” He pointed at the wall then said, “Cyndel said I should treat her like a goddess.” A dumb grin came across his face.

He sat down with a thump.
“Whatdo you think?” he ask.

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