Love sucks

In the garden, the scene continued.
Serenity got his shirt back on him Artimis slurred, "I won't be butt naked, I have pants on..." Then looking at her he continued "And I'll be a cat, cats are never naked." He was having nothing to do with the shoes.

Grabbing the polymorph ring he wore, he tried to activate it. He could not get the command word to work to come out of his mouth. Too many T's and K's, and other letters. Which was a good thing because, not being a drinker he did not realizing that his blood alcohol content would be nearly fatal if he changed forms. It would be even worse, he would be drunk for over four days if he managed change. In a few hours, he would already be praying that the game developers programmed it for a shorter period of time as he would be praying to the poreclain gods and begging that they wake Glenn or anyone else up to "heal" him..

He flopped back against the tree knocking over the open bottle and swore. Then to Serenity and Al Ker, he apologized. Muttering to himself about how the rules work for Glenn and Cyndel, how Vader could care less.. If he had a car, he would be plastering its bumper with libertarian bumper stickers.

Looked at Al Ker he asked, "Have you ever been in love?" As he leaned against Serenity he voiced loudly, "love sucks." Then closed his eyes to listen to their conversation.

High above on a balcony a lady in waiting watched the scene play out below reporting it to her mistress.

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