Why I don’t drink

Serenity shook her head she put her armed around to keep him from rubbing off and hurting himself. She sand a soft lullaby for her drunk companion. “ Just breath Artimis love dose stink” she agreed knowing that arguing with him would only upset him more. She continued to sing lullabies for a few more moments until he was calm then turned her attention to Al Ker.

“ I’m sorry to ask this of you but do you think you could go into the party and get Glenn he is the inquisitor. I I would do it myself but it’s to crowded and there not much natur in there.”She said. She shook her head half curing the fact that she did not know what spell or if she even had a spell that could help her friend.

“ I don’t have the magic I need to bring him out of this at least I don’t think I do but Glenn should he is usually are patty’s healer please Artemis will be impossible to keep contained if we don’t do sumthing and he is likely to get us all killed. She said. Then return to singing Lullabies to Artimis.

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