The Vote In?

Artimis talking to Vader, and others talking as well. Graystone stepped back to see the hole group. Well we have enough for a team or is that party he thinks to himself. Do we actually want to be here when this place falls apart? Part of me says yes. I know with my real life back ground I have training in dealing with disasters and making plans to work things out for the better. This is no different than a world disaster or is it more important to find a solution to this problem fast and now.
Graystone speaks up over the talking and nose “Lady’s and Gentlemen, I think we have a good team here. I say or vote that we join as a party and take the quest or mission before us” he says. he opens his panel and touches form party as panels pop up before the group. “I am not forcing anyone to do anything but it would be better to form a party” he states looking at everyone. “she said it would take five days to get there. Dose everyone have enough food, water, transportation and equipment for this quest. I do have some stuff but not a lot. But if we pull together, I am sure we can get what we need.”
He pulls a sliver horn out and blows it a grate sound echoes through the area an armored war horse appears walking up to him the name Storm can be seen above the mount. “hello old friend” he says to the horse.

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