A Little Misunderstanding

“Thanks for the info....”
Thoroughly put off by Artimis and his “helpful” knowledge, Al Ker gave a sympathetic nod to Serenity and left to find this Glenn character.
Entering the hall, he now regretted his status as NPC’s swarmed him with dialogue regarding it. While he usually dealt with it calmly, secretly enjoying the small bit of fame, right now they were wasting his time.
Luckily, he remembered the general layout and was grateful he didn’t have far until he reached the throne, where he assumed the others would be talking with the lord who had summoned them.
He personally hated parties, too many bodies in one place pushing together. It also meant someone either programmed or under a players control would try to seduce him, which had always felt weird to him. A brief shiver and he pushed onward through the crowd, shaking hands and giving quick greetings while looking for a white haired man in shiny armor.
As he got closer to the throne, he began to feel off, like he had walked through a shroud. Looking around him, nothing had changed physically, but a quick look on his character menu revealed a fear aura in affect.
His ears flattened as he suspected this to be an attack in the making, a feeling that was reinforced as he saw an armored figure approaching him. Now he was glad for the descriptive outline the rogue had given him about the mans weapons, preparing for a skirmish but keeping calm to avoid suspicion until the right moment.

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