Glenn, The Duchess and Al Ker The Wizard

As time went on Glenn could tell there was more and more people wanting to talk to the Prince. Glenn knew it was time to move on and do more research on the changes and wondered what the next step in would be finding a way back to the real world. He waited for a brake in the talk he gave a minor bow and said, “Prince Fletcher, I will let you get to your gest I have taken to much of your time” Glenn said respectfully. Fletcher turned to Glenn cutting off other noblemen saying “You can seek an audience with me at anytime Lord Inquisitor” as if telling everyone around him don’t interrupt Glenn or the prince. “I am glad you’re here I will call on you and your people later” he said. Glenn smiled saying “I look forward to it, I will take my leave now Prince” bowing deeper and stepping away Dawnyl curtsied and said “Prince”. The Prince gave a nod as they left dismissing them from the group of nobles as they left the surrounding nobles parted allowing them to leave just giving polite nods and bows.

They did not get far when Glenn looked eyes with someone, he did not know the Rakshasa but seen to know him by the stare Glenn was getting. Glenn hud active with a thought the man was a player in the game the display said Al Ker The Arcane Wizard in gold. Glenn knew that he was some type of tester and most have been stranded her as well. he made his way to him slowly the man was on edge by his stance and defensive. A thousand scenarios ran though his head in a moment. Even the Baroness tensed up a bit. The Rakshasa was intimidating not that Glenn feared him but did not want to fight him either. Al Ker was 6 or less inches taller than Glenn and was little bit bigger in size. Looking like an anthropomorphic tiger and having a tiger’s head, plantigrade feet and a feline tail. Dressed nicely having lean, muscular build and has a thin layer of fur covering his body that thickens to a mane around his neck and head. Possesses claws on hands and feet. Glenn knew he would be hard pressed to win in a melee fight. He walked up to Al Ker with the Baroness on his arm who was watching Al Ker closely but respectively.

Stopping a few feet away “I see your name is Al Ker, I am Glenn Grayston lord Inquisitor Master of Citadel Gray player and Security Adim. I can see that you are wanting to talk to me and how can I help you.” asks Glenn

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