Settling In For The Night

Lucinda found herself drinking a mug of ale surrounded by strangers. Zahn had disappeared with some buxom maid some time before, and the others seemed preoccupied with Artimis. Lucinda took a bite out of a large set of cooked ribs and belched. Her orcish hunger was tough to deal with. She had to eat so much. Yet there was plenty here.

A younger man sitting next to her looked over and smiled. "So you're an orc-girl?"

"Half, my father was human." Lucinda said.

"Bet you can drink all of us under the table several times over."

Lucinda smirked. "Is that a challenge?"

The man smirked back at her.

Several pints later and Lucinda was belching at an empty table surrounded by comatose men several times her size. Lucinda finished her last mug and savored victory. Then she grabbed another set of ribs and took a couple bites before she too passed out.


Nightfall - Some miles from the Blood Souls map

Nate and Kara had set up camp complete with a fire and even a tent which Kara had in her inventory back when she was a PC. It seemed the dangers of the Blood Souls DLC were far behind them now and aside from some distant howling from the nearby forest, they were safe. Nate sat on a nearby log and warmed himself up by the fire, his face twisted with concern.

"What's the matter?" Kara asked once she returned with some more firewood.

"Just thinking about the others." Nate said. He hadn't been able to get in touch with Cyndel or anyone else through the party menu. So warping to their location was impossible. They eventually decided to try and find the nearest town and try gathering what information they could there. But it was clear to Kara that Nate was worried.

"I'm sure they are well. We were successful in the Librarian's task, after all." Kara pointed out.

"Still... I hope they're safe." Nate sighed.

Kara set her sword to the side and went to the tent. Nate could hear the sound of armor shifting from inside but was still too far inside his own head to really notice what Kara was doing. Then everything went silent aside from the crackle of the campfire.

"Come to bed, Nate." Kara said from the tent, her voice was low.

"I'll join you in a minute," Nate said. "I'm still trying to get warm."

"You'll be much warmer in here... with me..."

Nate got the message immediately. And when he poked his head into the tent he found her waiting for him in nothing but a fur blanket draped over her legs. Her red hair cascading down her shoulders like a river of fire. Her eyes had a hunger in them that had Nate out of his robes and behind the furs with her in an instant.

She was stronger than him, and a little rough, but her embrace was gentle and welcoming nonetheless. Nate was hesitant at first, nervous from the fact he was a little rusty, but she wasn't going to wait any longer, nor take no for an answer. She pulled him close and kissed him. All fear left him at that point.

And some more howling was added to the ones coming from the woods that night.

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