Altering the deal

"Get a... capture?" Vader said, tilting his head quizzically to one side. (OOC: I legit don't know what that means)

Perhaps thinking better of it, Artimis turned his attention back to the rest of the group.

“I think if we could get to the rendering engine algorithm we might be able to get it to dump us out. I’ve already pulled my VR rig apart and examined it," he said and looked at Vader’s sword. “Or it might kill us."

"And what of me?" Vader said, jerking his sword free of the ground.

“Vader, could I bother you to see if you would put a rune on a dagger for me? I’ll try to help you figure this out as best I can,” he answered.

There was a dull metallic clang as the palm of Vader's metal gauntlet covered the faceplate of his helmet.

"I am a Dread Knight. I cannot inscribe runes, creat weapons, or get 'captures'. I kill. All I do is kill heros," he said.

And just as he was about ready to demonstrate this aptitude for wholesale murder, the one called Glenn spoke up.

 “Lady’s and Gentlemen, I think we have a good team here. I say or vote that we join as a party and take the quest or mission before us” he said.

Suddenly a menu appeared in front of Vader, inviting him to join their group.

“I am not forcing anyone to do anything but it would be better to form a party. She said it would take five days to get there. Does everyone have enough food, water, transportation and equipment for this quest. I do have some stuff but not a lot. But if we pull together, I am sure we can get what we need.”

Hmmm... The man did make a modicum of sense. And it seemed that at the end of this 'quest' there was at least some chance of unraveling the mystery of his existence. He certainly had no other leads at the moment. So he selected 'yes'.

"I shall return," he said and walked out.

-Ten minutes later, on the outskirts of town-

"What!?! That wasn't part of the deal! You said if I lead you here that you'd leave me alone!" a certain level two fighter said, indignantly.

"I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further," Vader said, taking the man's pouch of gold and leading his recently purchased horse away.

-Back in the guild hall-

"I am ready," Vader said, walking back in. "Let's go."

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