Run for the boarder....

Artimis leaned in to get a picture with Vader after the sword came free. He got his scream capture, his character with Vader and he was alive!

Then he opened his coin purse to watch a moth fly out. It was poetic injustice. He had been working hard but the thieves tools had taken almost all of his money.

“Um, How about I meet you outside the gate? I need to go get a couple thing for the trip,” he said with a little hesitance. He knew exactly where he was going to go and get. His eyes sparked with a little mischievousness to them. He moved quickly out the shop, it was clear to any that knew thieves he was going to do the dumbest thing he could. Steal a horse and supplies in town.

Stealing from the little shops and vendors was now child’s play. He got enough food the feed the group for about a week. The real challenge was the mount he wanted to take. He had his eye on the Paladin’s squires Grey mare. Nice leather boarding, with saddle bags, not yet trained to be a war horse. Two years old with silver bells braided into her mane and tail. She was the Porsche of horses.

He was able to mug a stable hand on an errand in an ally. Dressed in the Paladin’s colors when walked into the stable and walked the horse out stating that his lord needed the horse.

Well that all worked great! He thought. He threw himself up on the horse to make his break and all heck broke loose. He held onto the saddle and mane as the horse ran the streets. Shortly after, the pursuit started after him. All he needed to do was to get out of the gate before word got there.

The horse ran and he held on through the the gates. Artimis almost falling out of the saddle, as riding is not a thieves natural skill and he had been on a horse about five time in his real life.

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