Spider and Chat

Personally, Al Ker found the rogues story much more entertaining than the guards. As he watched the exchange between the two, a deep hearty chuckle joined the sounds of their voices.
“Personally, I am not a fan of spiders myself. Of course, I have never been put into chains because of one.”
Even as his grin remained, a visible crease appeared in his brow.
Looking between the two, it would be very possible to mistake the woman for a PC. She displayed a startling degree of autonomy, though Al Ker realized he had seen it amongst many of the NPCs.
Is that a bug or is it part of the update? Should I report it?
Pulling up his display, he was puzzled to find that there was no way to contact the company.
No chat box, no secret button, nothing.
“Artimis, are you able to contact anyone through the chat?”

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