With a troubled look, “Well my friend, The chat hasn’t worked for a long while. At least sense we got stuck in the game. We tried to fix it once, but I can’t recall what happened. Now most of the party is Nobility of some form or another and I’m not suppose to talk to them unless they talk to me first.”

He stood up and walked to the door and opened it. “Would you be kind enough to have someone bring food for the three of us?” He closed the door before the guard reacted to his being free.

He continues as he paced, “My problems keep getting worse. I ended up with a Rebecca who is labeled as my wife and is hand in arm with the Librarian, the girl I like is now a princess, which is okay, but I have to break rules to even talk to her. And now this young lady.” He turned and looked at her and asked, “What is your name?”

She looked at the two of them and answered, “Miranda.”
He turns back to Al’Ker and continued, “The system chat hasn’t been working and most of the people who would respond to your request is in the party. The party chat is hit and miss, mostly a miss. You might try using a message spell.”

He turns to Miranda, “A spider really?”

As the servants brought a small table and food, soldiers came in to deal with him. As they started to approach him, he put his hands up and said, “I’m sorry it was a mistake. She screamed because of a spider,” he said. “I will take what ever punishment the Lord Inquisitor sentences me with.” He kept pacing.

One of the servants asked Al’Ker, “Is he like this often?”

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