The Woman in the Room

The troubling news about contact with the outside world only served to deepen the crease. After requesting food and drink, he continued listening to the now pacing rogue.
Nothing had changed with his character, nothing he could readily think of. Even his status had been given to him before the update.
The NPCs had started expecting me to act as my title would demand
Giving a look to the woman in case she became offended, he nonetheless had to have answers.
"What about the NPCs? No offense to you ma'am, but have you noticed them becoming more...aware?"
As Artimis surrendered to the approaching guards, Al Ker wasn't sure if he should impose his power again, staying close in case any of them got a little too pushy.
The servants question made him look at his companion again. From what he had seen of the rogue, he was an honorable man, if also a bit of a loose cannon.
"I am not quite sure, we have not been in each others company for very long. For how nonchalantly he is handling all of this, I would have to assume so."

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