Back on track.

The guards approached Artimis with a little caution but he did not put up a fight. The chains were fastened tighter this time.

Al’Ker asked the girl "What about the NPCs? No offense to you ma'am, but have you noticed them becoming more...aware?"

The girl bowed he head then said, “Master Arcane, I am not sure what you mean. We are aware how most players treat us. I am aware that my parents were killed in their store by players and that Artimis risked his life for me twice to save me a protect my honor, when any knight or noble could do what they wanted with me and no one would care.”

The Watch Captain returned and said, “I am aware that you all need to be over at the Palace with the Lord Inquisitor and the rest of your party and we intend to deliver you there. So if you would head down stairs.”
As the headed down, a guard asked the group why they did not go with the group when the bells rang?

“How was I suppose to know what that meant?” Artimis asked.
The maiden said, “Everyone knows that.”
Artimis looked at Al’Ker and said, “See, more rules we are suppose to know but no one tells us.”

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