Artimis flinched back at the rebuke. He let the chains drop to the floor, grabbed his stuff from the guard who had it and gave the captain a look. He headed to change into his working clothes. A couple guards started to follow and he waived them off. It was as close as he was going to get to flip them off. He looked at the girl and told her to stay put. Party members missing and it ticked him off.

In a small side room, he changed quickly and washed his face. He grabbed a knife from table and handed it to the girl. “Watch them,” he said pointing at the cage. “If those players escape,...” he said to her.

As he turned he saw Serenity in a dire wolf form and smiled at the exchange with the guards. He walked up to her on her right side. And smiled missing a tooth.

He looked at Glenn and nodded. Then bowed with a cape flourish to the prince.

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