Finding the Way

Several of the guards were startled to see a big wolf I. The great hall. One actually pointed a weapon at Serenity. She turned and bared her teeth in a growl in response to the threat. “Guards! Stand down I am not in the mood!” said Glenn as he walked by them. Looking at the big wolf Glenn cracked an evil grin. “I think you look better this way Serenity” he said with a laugh. The wolf gave a dirty look back a slight growl in reply. “Grayston! leave her alone” Baroness Elvalor said in a demanding tone. Glenn cleared his throat then yelling out “my party with me now! We have some hunting to do.” The Baroness turned to one of Glenn`s Guards “carry her equipment and be careful with it.” The Guard bowed and said “yes, mi lady “collected Serenity’s things and fallowed Glenn and the Baroness.,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/1423188959722595502.jpg

As they made there way to the room there was blood on the floor and bed Glenn looked down “this is elf blood here, Al Ker, can you do some kind of magic sweep here find out id they used any?” he asked him. “Serenity, can you pick up her sent?” the large wolf walked over sniffing the area the smell was strong Serenity knew the smell of Cyndel she had been around her enough and dark elf blood stinks some. The wolf raised her nose to the air and sniffed several times. With a howl Serenity turned and started out of the room fast the guards back up quickly giving her space. Glenn and Baroness were right behind her fallowing closely she would stop every so often and sniff the ground there were other with Cyndel Serenity could smell them now “there were others two I think” she said. Then continued they snaked thought passageways until they go to a door. Glenn walked up and opened it when to a side courtyard Glenn stepped through the door just to almost to be knocked over by Serenity running by in her wolf from.

As they got to the middle of the courtyard garden here was a grate covering a squire hole about 4 feet by 4 feet. Serenity sniffed around the area then back to the hole. “They went down there. and it stinks bad down there.” it was smell of the sewage drain. Everyone could smell as that got close. Glenn bent down and looked at the area he could tell the grate was moved the scrapes on the stone and turn plants around the hole. He stood up “they escaped through her I think.” He turned to one of the guards “Go, let the Prince let him know we found something. now alert the Palace guard of this and to check all grates on the Palace grounds post guards at all locations.” Glenn commanded.

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