Bomb making 101

Artimis took off his cloak and rolled it up and wrapped a cloth around his face. “You might want to cover you faces,” he said. Now glad that he had not had breakfast.

“The Thieves’ Highway,” he said like this was common knowledge. “Hard to track by smell when the whole place smells of decomposing fecal matter and ammonia.” He pulled a wedge from his pack and started to work it under the grate lid. “Anyone able to create a small spark from a distance,” he asked. The lid moved up about a hands width. When he moved back.

He explained what he was thinking, “lighting the sewer gas will do two things for us, the first is it will move the lid out of our way. The second is it will cause a shock wave that should deal any rats or lookouts left in the tunnel. The flames and the pressure wave will push them along the pipes. Rats are smart they will get out of our way for an hour or so.”

He spoke like kid who had his buddies flush every toilet in the school and dropped an M80 in plastic down the sewer pipe. The blow back would be glorious.

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