Artimis moved back as Vader ripped the cover off the sewer and discarded it. The odor was strong as Vader. The undead warrior and his daughter jump in and hunted for their pray without much mercy. Artimis was glad that he was on the same side as.them.

Artimis watched as Serenity get a bag and brought it to Glenn. He walked over to the big cat with a handkerchief and told her to blow rhe stink out of her nose. It was something you understood when you were a cat. When Al'ker came talking about the use of telepoŕt spells. Artimis started to wonder.

He looked at the party members and said, “A couple things are bugging me about this gambit. The first is everyone we’ve taken has been low level. It goes along with this is a distraction theory. The second thing is they must have eyes on us. “

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