A New Quest Cyndel

Glenn picks up the punch that that Serenity brought him. “guys we have been fooled hey did not go that way.” he said with a sad tone. “I bet if we look down there, we will see a pouch like this one” turning to everyone. “I am not sure how they got out of here, but I would bet Magic of some type portal or teleport. Artimis, I think you are right. They played us from the beginning, and I played right into it. I should have done something sooner I saw this coming.” He paused and looked around “we need a Ranger I can track only in Crips and graveyards.” He walks away from the group he clasps his hands behind him. Glenn stops then says “They are not on the city I am sure of that. And what they want with her God only knows. But I am sure it is not good.”

Glenn looks at the ground then back up at everyone. “We have come this far together. And now we must go further. We most bring her back she is one of us now she is apart of are party. Will you all join me and get her back?” Glenn asks the group.

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