You Have My Sword, My Bow, and My Badass Fiddling!

Glenn looks at the ground then back up at everyone. “We have come this far together. And now we must go further. We most bring her back she is one of us now she is apart of are party. Will you all join me and get her back?” Glenn asks the group.

Zahn and Lucinda looked to one another, unsure of how to answer. They'd only just met these people and, in all honesty, had no dog on this fight. But they were Players. And given the situation they were in, both knew that they had to back one another up if there was ever going to be any chance of them getting out of the game.

"We're with you, Glenn." Lucinda said firmly.

"Aye," Zahn flashed his devilish smile. "I'm always up for rescuing buxom Princesses, after all."

Lucinda elbowed him in the ribs.

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