The front gate and Tusbar

Very well," Vader said. Then to a guard, "Inform Lady De'Lyons of what has transpired here. And tell her that the day I return, we are to be wed."

The guard saluted and said, "Ey milord." But Vader had already jumped back into the sewer.

"Tom, when I return, I will beat you. Look forward to it," Morganna said to the thoroughly terrified rogue.

“Vader, we don’t have to go that way you know. we can just ride out to their camp we know of. second. Let’s take others with us. we can ride out in 30 minutes” said Glenn. Then he looked around the ground. Then back at Vader Morhanna “you can get start if you wish. But I think we will make better time on land not in the sewer and that smells like shit down there anyways.” says Glenn smiling.

He turned to all the players that showed up “we move out in 30 minutes get your mounts ready I would like to get to the base before dark. Bring your best equipment we have know idea what we are running in to.” Glenn turned to the Palace guard “let the prince know what we are doing and that I do not need any troops at this time. Now go!” the guard bowed placing fist over his hart salute then walked away. Glenn then turned to his Paladin Captain “you will keep 25 men here with the High Princes and family. The other 25 stay with Baroness Elvalor as her guard. You have your orders now dismissed.”

The Baroness walked up to Glenn “I don’t think so! you are not leaving me behind!” Glenn for the first time looked at the Baroness with some anger in front of the others. “You will do as I say Baroness Elvalor” Glenn’s voice commanding and stern. “I need you here to direct my citadel and the protection of the High Prince and family. I will not have you possibly killed by bad players besides you Father will kill me if you were to get hurt.” Putting his hand on her shoulders. “I really need you here to help, can you do that for me?” She wanted to explode. She looked at Glenn in the eyes. “who will protect you?” she asked Glenn chucked “my friends, besides Vader is going I just hope he dose not kill everyone we meet on the way. I am sure with him there I won’t get a chance to fight.” Baroness leans forward and give Glenn a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I will do as you ask my lord” she says.” Glenn smiles and replies “thank you Baroness, I need your help in this matter.” She smiles back and letting him go she takes guards with her.

Glenn gets to the stables with waiting on the others he opens his equipment panel and looks at his equipment list. “well its all here” he says to himself. Looking over his warhorse everything was ready he went to the main gate of the palace to wait on the others. As he approached, he could hear the guards disagreeing with some one on the other side by the sound of the accent was not human per say the rolling of the R`s and the some of the drown out vowels. Glenn walked to the gate “Guard, what’s the problem!” one of the guards turned was about to yell at Glenn when he saw who it was he gave a small bow in respect then said “Lord Inquisitor, mi lord, there is a player out here who demands to see you his name is Tusbar.” Glenn thinks for a moment to himself. A ploy to get the gate open or to draw me out? Glenn looks at the guard. “Is there anyone on the street?” he asks the guard. “No, mi lord” the guard replied. Glenn let out a sigh “Let him though the door gate. As the Wolfkind man walked through the door ducking. Glenn thought this guy is big. Wolfkind, around 6 inches taller than Glenn in height, and somewhat muscular. He was wearing red powder paint on his face and body, which coats his gray and white fur. having many scars, from his many experiences with the wilderness. wearing little in the way of clothing, just the bare minimum of leather armor. He smiled showing his sharp teeth. “You have found me….. Tusbar was it? Glenn asked the newcomer.

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