The Players and the Wandering Wolf

"Three beaver pelts and a bear pelt? Best I can do is six gold," grumbled the old, nearly bald stand-owner, looking at the pelts in front of him.

Tusbar held out the pelts in his furry paws, hoping for a better answer. He stared at his furs for a few moments, considering the offer. His eyes grazing back and forth, studying. He raised his head up at the man, baring his teeth as he growled.

"I put hard work into earning these. And besides, the last town I was in gave me ten gold for less," Tusbar countered, his claws gripping into the pelts.

"I ain't that town buddy. Six, take it or leave it."

"Fine," muttered Tusbar, pushing the pelts at the old man.

As soon as he got the six gold, he turned his strides, and walked away. Away from the shops and down the street.

"Now, to find these players," he silently whispered to himself. "I was informed they are leaving the town, so I should be able to meet them at the gate near the stables."

Tusbar quickly rounded another corner, passing by a trio of children throwing rocks at one another. Weaving between barrels and crates. One of them looked up at Tusbar, and was about to speak in curiosity, but he quickly gave a growl, silencing the child.

"No need for compassion," he muttered as the child stared in confusion.

He continued along, receiving a few wandering glares, but otherwise enjoying the undisturbed walk. He groomed the hairs on his shoulders as he walked, watching the cobblestone walls alongside him. The walls reminded him of something he had, that he needed for what was to come.

"I was given this stone, it probably has some importance. I will find out soon," he muttered, pulling out the small stone, looking over it, and putting it back in his pocket.

He rounded another corner into a dark alleyway. The narrow street was empty except for a few split alleys intersecting, and the strange lack of light, but nothing else out of the ordinary. Luckily, he could smell danger and see in the dark, so he pushed onward. He began walking, keeping watch out of the corner of his eyes. A slender figure lurked from one of the alleys, and Tusbar ignored them. As soon as they reached close, he twirled around, and barred his teeth.

"I would run..." he stated with bloodlust in his eyes.

The person bolted before he could pinpoint a face. Kicking dust in the dark alley. Tusbar chuckled to himself as he walked back along. Once he reached the end, he reached behind him, and removed his knapsack. He counted everything he had, and once he knew nothing was missing, he replaced it and kept going. A few moments later he was at the gate and faced with his next challenge, guards.

A few moments of arguing, bickering, a couple foul insults, and the impatience of a Wolfkind passed before he finally got what he wanted. The gate opened before him, and he came face to face with another steel armored white human, nothing new. This one was different though, he seemed more significant than the other people he had seen. Is this a player?

“You have found me….. Tusbar was it? Glenn asked the newcomer.

"I have found you as I always find what I hunt. And indeed my name is Tusbar, Tusbar Dao, I think you are the one I'm looking for," answered Tusbar, while pulling out the stone from his pocket.

(OOC: If there is anything I got wrong or should change, let me know, I felt this was the best way to introduce Tusbar as a character. And thanks for having me in the game.)

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