The Dark Knight

In the end time was meaningless and no real means of measuring how long she had actually been held their. If what she had heard was true and she had in fact been dead and restored to life by that bitch Helena than the wider scope only made things all the more complicated.

Still there were some clues to be had regarding the where if not the when.

The chamber she found herself for instance was no small distance under ground but clearly had never been a part of naturally formed formation.

No this place was a roughly carved chamber clearly made by human hands rather than dwarven builders who would never used such crudely carved stones nor would they have used wooden beams to support the ceilings.

The smell of salt coupled with the damp air and constant dripping of water further suggested that the chamber was near to a large body of salt water and thinking further it became obvious to her.

" Were still in Dragonmyr, or rather we are just under it ? "

The Dark knight seated on the throne at the far end of the room stirred from his thoughts offering a passing glance in her direction. " Indeed we are. "

Cyndel frowned her annoyance pulling absentmindedly upon the chains that held her . " And was I really dead or just ... "

" Quite dead... " The Knight acknowledge. " Feris is a master of the quick kill and against an unprepared and undefended spellcaster such as yourself there was really no chance of survival."

Cyndel frowned knowing full well that the Dark Knight was telling the truth given there was no real point in lying about it.

" I thought once we died that was it ... I mean game over and all that ? "

The Dark Knight nodded his agreement. " So did I for the longest time but it seems that Helena for her ill humors and obvious personality flaws has a talent for not only raising the dead but restoring life to the dead if not to much time has past since they died."

" 13 hours... " Cyndel remembered. " I remember Helena told me that once when we adventured together before the Event."

" Yes, she has mentioned that you were companions once before all of this. " The Dark Knight spoke off hand. " She seems fixated upon the idea that you abandon her after the Event."

Cyndel couldn't help but laugh shaking her head is disbelief. " The Bitch runs when shit goes south and than blames me for dropping her ass from my friends list."

The Dark Knight nodded his understanding. " The Event brought out the very worst in all of us I fear."

Cyndel wondered at the statement for a moment before sighing. " Are you going to at least tell me why you have gone through all the trouble of having my ass killed and bringing me back ? "

The Dark Knight shrugged raising to his feet. " You'll forgive me but I have always found it silly that the villains found in movies and television always seemingly feel a need to explain themselves to the hero's and ultimately undermine their own plans. I ask your forgiveness if I chose to not explain myself nor my plans to you at this time.


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