The Road North

" I won it in the Ivory Tower Quests last year. You can customize It so it looks nice enough but It's nothing special really, It really only flies as fast as the base speed of the fastest mount in the party and won't go any higher than x5 character height so like 25 feet tops."

Cyndel motioned to the main road to StoneGates main entrance opposite the one leading to the Dark and Deep.

" Haunted Tower is just 5 days travel North from the Main Gate. It's near the old Haunted Mines Quest setting."

Glenn seemed distracted for a moment, his gaze drifting over the gathering crowd of both PC and NPC's alike. Far more NPC's in fact than she could ever recall counting in anyone time. It was only then that she realized that she could also count some 20 to 30 town guardsmen in the square as well all wearing looks of concern and worry.

" You only see this many guardsmen at one time when some player gets the wild urge to slaughter all the NPC's in town for fun." Cyndel said aloud more or less to herself. " Do you think they remember, I mean when shit like that happens ?"

She didn't feel like waiting to find out given that the local NPC's where hostile enough as it was.

" Maybe I should change my racial subtype to Silver or Moon Elf if we still can when we get there."


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