Were there gay dinosaurs?

“...You can get start if you wish. But I-," Glenn was saying.

Vader didn't hear the rest, though. He was already plunging back into the stank of the sewer below. He returned to the spot where the ill-fated wizard had summoned the portal. The glowing blue borders were wavering. Soon the magical energies keeping it open would run out and it would close.

"We will likely have to kill whoever we find on the other side," he said, drawing his sword.

"Corruptus knows I'm ready," Morganna said, drawing her own sword.

Vader smiled and jumped through. All was a disorienting blur for a moment. On the other side, he stepped into the courtyard of a palisaded fort. Over the wooden walls, he could see that the stronghold was nestled amongst the snowcapped northern mountains. The fort itself was a fairly unimaginative design, with half a dozen barracks type buildings dotting the inside in no particular pattern.

"Who the hell are you?" a bow wielding elf demanded.

Vader cocked his head. His first instinct was to slice the moron in half. But if he did that, he'd likely have to kill everyone there. ...And that would have been counter productive.

"I am Vader. I'm... new," he said awkwardly.

"Don't worry, I'll vouch for him," Morganna said, slapping him on the shoulder plate.

"Okay, fine then. Wait! Who are you?!?" the elf asked.

There were other PCs nearby and they were beginning to take notice.

"This should... jog your memory," Vader said, opening his stats screen.

The elf stepped closer and looked at the screen.

"What's this? It's just your stats," he said, confused and annoyed.

Vader spoke in a bare whisper, "Do you see how much damage I can inflict? If I decided to murder you here and now, no one could reach you in time. Inform your minions that you remember us and then lead us somewhere private to talk."

Staring up into the blackened vision slots of Vader's helmet, he knew that this was no idle threat.

"Oh- uh, oh yeah. I- how could I forget. Right this way," he said nervously and began leading them towards a barracks.

As they walked, the portal crackled out of existence. They were on their own now.

"What do you want?" the elf asked once they were alone.

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