What Can I Say? I'm a Fabulousaurus!

Zahn and Lucinda went to the stables to grab horses of their own. Well, in this case Horse, Lucinda didn't know how to ride. Though Zahn was more than happy to have her ride with him.

"Be sure to hold on tight, my dear." Zahn said with a coy grin as he pulled the orc girl's arms around his waist.

"Okay..." Lucinda said awkwardly.

"Don't be shy. You won't hurt me with your orcish strength." Zahn said, his grin curling into a devilish smile. He made no secret he was enjoying this.

Lucinda squeezed harder. Zahn's smile faltered. "Like this?" Lucinda asked with a cheeky grin of her own.

"Yes..." Zahn wheezed. "Good..."

Lucinda eased up. "Spoony bard."

"Totally worth it." Zahn grinned again. "Come, let's join our companions."

When they strolled up to the front gate they found Glenn speaking to a wolf man.

"What the heck is going on here?" Lucinda asked.

"It appears our Inquisitor has picked up a stray, love." Zahn said.

“You have found me….. Tusbar was it? Glenn asked the newcomer.

"I have found you as I always find what I hunt. And indeed my name is Tusbar, Tusbar Dao, I think you are the one I'm looking for," answered Tusbar, while pulling out the stone from his pocket.

Zahn and Lucinda reached for their weapons in preparation for some unknown attack. Partly due to how Tusbar mentioned he was "hunting" Glenn. They weren't gonna take any chances with the wolfman if he did something...


Nate and Kara spent most of the night sitting in the decrepit barracks. It was cold and wet and everyone in there smelled like week old gym socks, but Kara kept Nate warm with her body and refused to sleep should something happen. Nate, however, was tired from the long journey and the pummeling he'd received from Lenny. A rest would be nice and it was hard not to fall asleep in the warrior woman's bosom.

Kara woke him with a shake and glanced to the entrance of the barracks. "Something's happening. I hear fear in the voices of our captors."

Nate untangled himself from Kara and went to a small window that looked into the main courtyard of the fort and immediately his heart leaped in surprise and excitement.

"Kara! It's Vader! He's here!"

"That damned fool of a dread night?" Kara frowned as she joined him at the window. "By Corruptus I'd never expect to see such a sight and be glad."

"I wonder if the others are with him. He's not alone. There's a woman. I don't recognize her though." Nate said.

"If Vader is here, chaos is no doubt soon to follow." Kara said.

"I agree. We need to be ready. Say it's high time we bust ourselves outta here." Nate closed his eyes and chanted a bit while waving his hand. His staff appeared in his hands, along with Kara's sword in hers. "Good ol illusion spells." Nate said. The other players inside the barracks were visibly scared by the two armed players they were trapped with. Nate reassured them they weren't here to hurt them. But they were so scared some of them were starting to get a little vocal.

"They're gonna alert the guards if they don't keep silent." Kara said.

"To the door." Nate said in a hushed tone. They went to the door and pressed themselves on the wall on either side of it. Soon enough, Lenny The Guard entered with an annoyed look on his face.

"What's with all the racket! I told you all to shut the fu--" Before he could get another word in Kara had already pounced on him. Smashing the back of his head with her fist. She kicked him a few times when he fell to make sure he wasn't in any shape to raise the alarm. Then she spat at him.

"No one hurts my mage and gets away with it." She said with so much ice in her words that the air in the room dropped a few degrees.

Nate was kinda scared, and aroused, at the same time. Scareoused. "Umm. Yeah. Good job, Kara."

She beamed at him. "Come, my love. Let's find our dread knight companion and be free of this blasted place."

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