Odd Reunion

"By the power of Grayskull!" he bellowed, stabbing his sword into the heavens and calling forth a shower of lightning.

A few died, but most were stunned. Those that escaped unscathed simply ran. Except for a man and a woman, naked, who stumbled out of a barracks, weapons drawn.


"Vader!" Nate said, excited. "Oh man am I happy to see you!"

The dread knight regarded this odd man's sudden glee upon seeing him with a stance that suggested confusion, and Nate remembered that he wasn't in Kara's body anymore. "Yeah... Long story. I'm the guy who was playing Kara. I was able to reboot and roll up a character more befitting of my own sensibilities. Kara here's a living NPC like you now."

"It is great to see you, Dread Knight." Kara said with a kurt nod.

With that exposition out of the way, Nate looked around, expecting to see Glenn and Cyndel and the others. And only seeing Morganna. "Where are the others???"

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