Do you ever forget how to pee?

"Vader!" the strange, naked man called. "Oh man am I happy to see you!"

"Kara, who is this idiot you've picked up?" Vader asked.

"Yeah... Long story. I'm the guy who was playing Kara. I was able to reboot and roll up a character more befitting of my own sensibilities. Kara here's a living NPC like you now," the naked man rambled.

"Seriously?" Vader asked, looking to the naked woman.

The look she returned told him that he was indeed telling the truth.

"So, let me get this straight...," Morganna began, pointing a finger at his chest. "You're a man, well male. And you created a woman to be?"

Vader couldn't help but snicker. Then his daughter broke out into full blown laughter. He soon followed, beating his hand on his knee as he bellowed.

"Isn't that a little confusing?" she stammered amongst laughter. "Do you ever forget how to pee?"

At that, Vader dropped his sword and fell to his knees with laughter.

"It is great to see you, Dread Knight," Kara said curtly. Obviously, the humor of the situation was lost on her.

Roughly ten minutes later, the two were able to regain their sensibilities.

"Where are the others???" Nathan asked.

"Glenn was too... hesitant, to follow us through the portal. It seems that they are taking the long way here," Vader said.

"Too cowardly," Morganna said.

Vader shot her a look. "Daughter, I would question almost anything about Glenn. His choice in gods, his wardrobe, his affinity for goodness... But his bravery is beyond question. Do you understand?"

"I- ye yes father. Of course," she replied, taken aback.

"Now, would you like to continue with the interrogations? I'm certain that I did not fatally would that elf," he said.

Morganna grinned. "Yes father, I would."

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