And What of The Dark Elf Whore? You Armored Fool!

"So, let me get this straight...," Morganna began, pointing a finger at his chest. "You're a man, well male. And you created a woman to be?"

"Uh... yeah..." Nathan wasn't sure what Morganna was getting at.

Vader couldn't help but snicker. Then his daughter broke out into full blown laughter. He soon followed, beating his hand on his knee as he bellowed.

"Now what is so damn funny???" Nathan asked.

"Isn't that a little confusing?" she stammered amongst laughter. "Do you ever forget how to pee?"

At that, Vader dropped his sword and fell to his knees with laughter.

Nathan gave up. He looked to Kara with a "can you believe these two" look and then opted to start rummaging through crates for the rest of his and Kara's gear. He felt a little chill and the last thing he needed was for the dread knight and his daughter to be making fun of other things...

"It is great to see you, Dread Knight," Kara said curtly. Obviously, the humor of the situation was lost on her.

"It's great to see you, Dread Knight!" Nate said in a whiny, mocking tone under his breath as he put on his robes.

By then Nathan had to ask the obvious question: "Where are the others???"

"Glenn was too... hesitant, to follow us through the portal. It seems that they are taking the long way here," Vader said.

"Too cowardly," Morganna said.

Nate sighed. "Damn... so he and Cyndel and the rest won't be here for a while?" The mention of Cyndel added another chill to the air.

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