Helping the Stranger

"Excuse me," Jason said, gaining the bar keep's attention once he'd finished fussing at a dog-man and his owl pet.

"Eh?" Fletcher reacted, raising an eyebrow at the disheveled newcomer.

"What will this buy me?" the Jason asked, emptying his coin purse onto the counter.

Two copper coins and a carved rock fell out. The bar keep regarded his pittance with poorly concealed annoyance.

"A bit of bread and a seat by the fire. Take it or leave it," Fletcher replied.

"Fair enough," was all the Jason said. It was about as much as he'd expected.
He took the stale chunk of rye bread and walked to the crackling of the fire to dry off.

Glenn took his clock off hanging it on the wall hook and shook some to get the extra water off him. The thought of the stranger going to the fireplace. Glenn walked over to table close to the fireplace. He activated the players display to look at the man’s data. Name Jason Voorhees, class Warrior Inhuman Slayer, Active player. The stranger is tall and muscular man, with long matted black hair and brown eyes. you could see a glimpse a scar on his left cheek that look jagged. Glenn sat thinking if he should help the man or not. Glenn watched as the Fletcher daughters started to serve the party bringing bread cheese and drink.

Glenn looked as Fletcher gave the stranger some bread. Glenn just could not sit and do nothing this is a player. “Fletcher, give him some food, what he wants and ale on me.” he said firmly to Fletcher. Turning Fletcher looked at Glenn “are you sure, milord?” he asks. Smiling Glenn nods to fletcher. The Inn keep answers “As you request Lord Inquisitor” he walks back to the kitchen comes back with a bowl of stew and a pint of ale. “Here stranger, this is from the Lord Inquisitor Grayston” said Fletcher to the stranger. “you should be grateful milord is genus to others” Fletcher says respectfully.

Glenn looks at the man as he gets his food and drink. “And Fetcher, give him a common room” says Glenn. Fletcher frowns “Milord!” his look of disbelieve. “you don’t need to lower your self to this level help of a commoner” says Fletcher. Glenn abruptly stands “Fletcher!” the room seems to stop. “He is a worrier a adventurer and deserves are help.” Glenn sits and takes a drink of his ale. “Fletcher bows some “yes milord! As you request” he answered in a respectful tone Fletcher walking back into the kitchen.

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