This Emptiness

"You feel it too, don't you? The emptiness... Like something's been taken from us, but you aren't sure what. Or am I just a madman, rambling nonsense?"

Cyndel had finished her drink in one smooth motion than motioned the Tavern Wench to bring her another.

" I feel it as well ..." Cyndel spoke softly as she waited for the wench to reappear with another glass.

" We are fewer then I remember. There are companions who should be here that are not and then there are others present that I cannot recall having any memory of. "

Cyndel's gaze drifted from one face to another briefly before she sighed and collecting the glass from tray before the returning wench could place it on the table causing the girl to yelp as she shrunk away in terror.

Cyndel glared at the wench for a long moment, her features twisting in rage that quickly passed before she downed the second glass frowning her annoyance at the empty vessel.

" Goddess below us, I need something stronger than this watered down piss to drink. " Cyndel hissed sharply reaching under her cloak into her belt poach producing a handful of coins that she dropped onto the tabletop. " Something Dwarven and bring the whole damned bottle, I'm in no mood to wait for refills tonight. "


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