With a Regal bow from the top of the horse, Artimis bowed to Vader. "Nice to see you, Vader. I hope the rest of the party is coming soon. The guards seemed a little upset when I was heading out the gate." he said not wanting to go back to town. He figured his PK flag was hot a the moment and there might even be a reward for his capture. With a twinkle of a smile in his voice and eyes he said, "I managed to get us feed for the horses for the trip, some bread, cheese, dried meet," and reaching into the saddle bag, "and apples."

Apples were the first thing young rouges learned to steal from the vendors' stalls and Artimis still enjoyed it.

He sat catting the apple, proud that he might have gained a level with stunt.

(ooc-I am trying to play Artimis as the clown.)

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