The Hound

The whole time Tusbar was blowing through shot after shot, downing the strongest liquids, and topping off with some more. After about the tenth shot, things were starting to take effect. He felt the burn in his chest and the sheer sense of calamity in his mind, like everything in this moment doesn't matter. He looked up at the bird on his shoulder, mostly with confusion.

"Are you attached to me?" He stated in a slur. "Does that mean we can fly? Let's test it."

Before he could rise from his feet, he felt the bird launch from his shoulder, quickly sending him tipping over. He stared in shock as it turned into a wolf, and flung itself at Nathan. Before the wolf could reach its target, Tusbar reached out, gripped its leg, and dragged it down with him. With a hard thud, he landed on the floor with the wolf, booze spilt over them both. With one hand, he held the wolf down, the other hand propping himself back up.

"What the fuck? How'd you do that puppy bird?" He questioned, noticing that they weren't the only thing knocked over.

A few steps away, a burly orc was clambering back to his feet, a look of anger on his face. He watched as the orc flexed his muscles, before addressing Tusbar.

"Hey pupper, watch yourself, you just soaked me," he stated angrily.

Tusbar shove the wolf from his grip, giving it a glare, and rose to his feet.

"Not my problem," he stated, turning back towards the counter reaching for the only shot left standing.

"I would gladly make a pelt out of you, I can wear it over my shoulder. Although it would look better as a spit coated rug."

Tusbar quickly twirled around, growling.

"That's if you can even best me. I've fought my fair share. What are ya? A lumberjack?" Taunted Tusbar, noticing the mans axe sitting nearby. "Cause the woods is where I'm gonna leave your shit reeking corpse."

The orc nodded with a chuckle, "let's take this outside."

Tusbar quickly grabbed the last shot and quickly downed it, before towards the door the orc was heading to.

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