Senseless Trouble But New Friends

" You only see this many guardsmen at one time when some player gets the wild urge to slaughter all the NPC's in town for fun." Cyndel said aloud more or less to herself. " Do you think they remember, I mean when shit like that happens?"

She didn't feel like waiting to find out given that the local NPC's where hostile enough as it was.

" Maybe I should change my racial subtype to Silver or Moon Elf if we still can when we get there."

Glenn smiled looking back at Blackfar “don’t know if you have to change anything, but things are going to get bad fast, go now, I will meet you out side of the gate. I will make sure everyone makes it out. They will not mess with me yet, my status still seems to mean something” Glenn says hastily. He gets off his horse and has it move in a half moon maneuver swing its butt in around. Making some of the crowd move back he knew no one wanted a two thousand pound horse hitting or stepping on them.

The guards stepped forward, Graystone stepped to the side of his horse. The crowd could see him in full view now most step back quickly. “Guards! Control this crowd now!” he ordered they hesitated but then turned trying to calm the crowd down.

The priest was the most prominent, so Invicta approached him, tapping his shoulder as he walked by. Invicta was surprised at this man's stature, even at six feet he stood taller than him. As he turned Invicta had already pulled my menu up and tapped on the quick chat feature. Invicta looked up at him to see an expectant gaze upon his face. I noticed the designs on his armor, remembering seeing those same designs when they were being made. He was an Inquisitor, likely suggesting he was some sort of administrator, no way a regular player had access to armor like that so soon. Invicta looked back down, realizing that Graystone was staring and started typing away. Invicta pressed Speak, and an automated male voice spoke out, "Hello Inquisitor. Do you know what is wrong with the game?"

Graystone looked at the new guy be side him he wondered if the guy in real life was handy caped. “No, I am making a party to figure some stuff out. I see your name is in gold you work for the company too” said Graystone. He turned his head to see two guards coming fast looking at Invicta. Graystone raised one of his hand motioning them to stop. “he is with me! he yells. The two stop and go back to dealing with the crowd. “Invicta, you can join us I need all the help I can get. But we need to move now” says Graystone urgently.

Graystone saw Vader mount his horse fast. The beast was obviously unhappy with its new rider, but a harsh kick to the ribs sent the horse galloping towards the edge of town, regardless. Fresh blood dripped from his blade as he went. Two more guards attempted to block his way, but he easily relieved them of their heads. "By Corruptus!" he yelled as he went. He disappeared in to the darkness.

Graystone turned back to Invicta saying “If you want to come with us now is the time things are going to go sideways fast” he says mounting his horse. “I will make a way though the crowed fallow me now!” Graystone pushes though the crowed as thing go black the crowds run in different directions. “Stay with me Invicta, as the crowd thinned, he went faster but made sure Invicta was right be hind him. As that got to the gate there were guards everywhere Graystone “Vader and I must have a talk, at least he is not my father” he grumbled to himself.
“as he got closer, he yelled “clear the way” he ordered the guards jumped to the sides as they traveled though the gate.

Riding for a bit they came to a clearing sounded by trees the others had assembled there as well. He rides up saying “I see everyone made it here a live” Then looking at Vader “well almost everyone” he said smiling. “everyone ready, O I pick up another player, Invicta! introduce yourself” request Glenn.

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