Not Into That

Nate was enjoying his drink one moment and the next he found himself underneath a powerful, yet beautiful, white wolf. He blinked as the wolf snarled at him, baring her teeth at him in a threatening manner. Nate, however, was nonplussed. The Dragon's Fire in his belly had killed any sense of self-preservation he'd had beforehand and he reached out to pet the cute floofer's fuzzy ears as he cooed sweet nothings one would say to a beloved family pet.

And then Serenity let out a mighty howl.

Nate came to the realization that this was Serenity as a moment of clarity washed over his mind for the briefest of moments. "Serenity! My goodness you're a cute woofer! Though I'm sure you and your druid boyfriends no doubt got into tons of kinky beast-on-human shenanigans in your wild party days, I am not into that sort of thing. I appreciate the gesture nonetheless." He winked at her, still oblivious to the growing tension that surrounded him.

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