Miles walked literally for miles till he saw a dim light in the distance. He hoped it was a fire or cabin of sorts as he made his way through the muck and water. he was cold, wet, tired and hungry. He just wanted a warm bath and a warm meal at this point. Eventually he came to an Inn. He looked to see the name on the sign was Seven Silvers Tavern and Inn.
Miles: Who puts an Inn in the middle of nowhere? Seriously! Man this better not be some weird trap.
Miles entered the Inn to see several people in the room. Some of them looked like adventurers which made Miles feel better. He put his poncho back in his pouch before he spoke up.
Miles: Who do I see about a room, bath and a meal?

While Miles looked a bit out of sorts he made his way to the bar. It was then that he was approached by Molly the lovely but slurry tavern wench .

Molly: Sir?

Miles: Umm....hi.

Miles rubbed his aching head before finishing his thought.

Miles: I need a room, a bath, a hot meal and a bottle of some thing strong to drink.

Molly: Very well sir may I ask for payment in advanced?

Miles pulled out a bag of coins and sorted them out so Molly could take her payment. Miles then put up his bag of coins as he patiently waited for his service.

Molly: Are you particular on you drink sir?

Miles: The strongest smooth drink you have.

Molly left and returned with a bottle and a shot glass and presented it to Miles. Miles looked at the bottle and read the label "Celestial Brain Reaper" and it had a picture of a sexy and scantily clad angel with a holy scythe cutting a brain in half. Miles let out a chuckle before he nodded at Molly.

Miles: Umm thanks.

Molly: I'll bring out your meal sir.

Miles: Cool. Thanks.

Molly left and Miles went to opening the bottle of so carefully. When he removed the cork he could have sworn he saw a ghostly skull come out of the bottle then fade away. Miles looked around and no one seemed to have seen it as well so he poured a shot of the strong spirit before closing the bottle. He then sniffed it and was feeling the effects immediately as he shook his head a bit. Then he sipped the shot and like a surge of lightning channeling through a tsunami wave his body was overwhelmed by its power. Its effects are similar to "having your brains sliced in half by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick."

Miles made an unusual pucker face while hugging the air as he was paralyzed and in shock. Molly almost lost it when she saw Miles looking so bizarre till he could move again.

Molly: (snicker) Are you okay sir?

Miles: I think so this spirit has some kick to it.

Molly: Its the strongest thing we have here, but no one was brave enough to try it.

Miles: So you decided to have a bit of fun with me then?

Molly: Are you mad sir?

Miles: Naw you're to cute to be mad at. So what's for dinner?

Molly: Hot beef & vegetable stew with bread and blueberry cobbler. Tell me what you think.

Miles sampled the meal and the dessert and had a satisfied look on his face. It was so good. In fact it had been a long time since he had food this good. Suddenly he began to have flashbacks to his real life situation and a few tears trickled from his eyes. Without realizing it he continued to eat the food as if it was a narcotic drug he could not live without. In the real world it had been several years since he ate real food. His real body was stuck in a hospital bed with a food tube attached to his stomach. So being able to enjoy food again was a blessing in many ways. It warmed his soul to feel the texture and taste of salty juicy meat, starchy potatoes, crunchy carrots and celery. It wasn't until he opened his eyes to see Abby watching him with anticipation that she was waiting for an answer. He quickly swallowed his food and cleared his throat.

Molly: Well?

Miles: Marry me.

Molly: Surely you jest. It wasn't that good.

Miles: Oh yes it was. Your food is magical.

Molly: Keep flirting with me and my father will have words with you.

Miles: Sorry. I went over board a bit.

Molly: As long as you understand. Here is your room key. Leave the bowl when you are done. Oh and here is some water to help wash it down.

Molly then left Miles to finishing his food in bliss. Miles enjoyed the food as if it was his last meal and put the liquor bottle up in his pouch for later. Once he was done he made his way up to his room where a small wooden bath awaited him. Sadly the water was luke warm at best so Miles contemplated a bit before he got an idea. He then put his hand in the luke warm water and began to cast a low level fire ball to heat up the water. Since the liquor had calmed him down he was able to relax as he cast his spell slowly and carefully as to not put a hole in the tube and floor/ceiling below him.

To his dismay he was able to pull it off and quickly stripped himself before slowly entering the hot water. Normally he should have waited a bit before entering the water but since he was basically a quarter dragon he had a decent heat tolerance. The bath felt so good as he slipped in and embraced the steamy water.

Miles: Oh Calgon take me away.

As he soaked his worries away his mind began to wonder off into dreamland.

Mile's Dream

Sadly he was rudely interrupted by a loud knock on the door. Miles was a bit groggy from sleeping in a hot bath and this caused his reaction time to slow down a lot not to mention his equilibrium was off as well.

Miles: Yes?

Miles then scrambled to get his wet robe to cover up with only to see he hung it up to dry out of reach. He desperately looked for anything to cover up with and grabbed the first thing he could as the door was opening up.

The beet red look on Molly's face was worth a thousand words as she tried not to laugh at Miles. There he was standing soaking wet in the wooden tub with a deer in headlights look on his face as he covered up his manhood with his golden gauntlet. It felt like the world froze as they stared at each other in complete silence out of fear what to say. Miles felt very vulnerable at this moment as he was feeling rather exposed in more than one way. He had no words for Molly and was to scared to move. Molly then spoke up first as she put the towel by the door.

Molly: Sorry sir we forgot to bring you a towel and when I asked if I could come in you answered yes.

Miles: Sorry.

Then Molly made a snicker as she closed the door and left. Miles dropped his gauntlet and sank back into the bath as his heart was beating to fast. Part of him wished she joined him and part of him was glad she left. It took a minute for poor Miles to relax again as he soaked in the bath again. Once he was able to regain his senses he pulled out some clean clothes from his pouch and got dressed.

Miles: Oh man I feel like I am a teen all over again.

Miles looked out the window and saw the rain was still as heavy as when he entered.

Miles: Looks like I am here for a while. Oh well since there is no cable service here I may as well read a tome or two.

Miles then reached into his pouch and pulled out a magical book for beginners to read as well as his bottle of Celestial Brain Reaper. He then poured a shot of the spirits and sipped it while reading his tome. Since his head was still a bit hazy he felt he needed to brush up on the basics again.


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