"We need to play a game!" Nate said suddenly. "Perhaps a game of cards? This game has a card game in it right? All the fucking RPG's have card games. Triple Triad... Gwent... Pazaak... What card game is there in this god-for-fucking-saken game?" He glanced around the room at all the burly warriors of various races usually chosen for their added strength and combat benefits. "Maybe it's too complex a game for this crowd... I know... how about a spelling contest???"

Artimis reached for the cards then vaguely remembered being that drunk before and stealing from a drunk person took the challenge out of it. It was about the game for Artimis. He too had the feeling of loss running through him. Respect, no not many people respected a thief, even one with an code of honor. Money, he had a little and that was all, he would have more if he ignored the angel on his shoulder. It hit him like a Ziggy moment, when one of the serving girls brought plates of stew with bread and cheese for everyone but him. Then humpth and stomped of and slammed a door behind her and locked it.

“What in the hell is wrong with her?” He asked to no one specifically. He couldn’t remember any promises that he had made to her. He didn’t owe her money. He did not remember stealing her jewelry or her honor. So he got up and did what men do, he went and

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