“Not another fight. “Serenity thought and Tusbar no drunk challenged an orc. She glared down at the mage then turned getting between the orc and Tusbar. She growled baring her teeth at the orc. Her hears lay back against her head and the fur on her back stood up. It was a warning to the orc.

She then turned and pounced on Tusbar with the intent of knocking him down. “ “ what is wrong with you” she growled at him. It was very clear she was angry. “ you are drunk picking fights and have covered both of us in fowl smelling drink” She continued. The growled again.

“ do you have any idea how stupid you look” she added as an afterthought. To say she was angry was an understatement. She was down right furious. She wanted to kill the orc Tusbar and Nathan at that moment. She however choose not to.vilence was not exactly her thing.

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