The Challenge

Miles then reached into his pouch and pulled out a magical book for beginners to read as well as his bottle of Celestial Brain Reaper. He then poured a shot of the spirits and sipped it while reading his tome. Since his head was still a bit hazy he felt he needed to brush up on the basics again.

Miles was really involved in reading his tome as he remembered he had forgot some of the low level spells. He then realized he could have used some of them to help him avoid the previous danger he ran into when he woke up earlier. As he pondered he wondered why he was in the open to begin with. He didn't remember that being his last save point, but his memory was still fuzzy. He figured it could be a side effect from the meds he was on or just spending to much time in VR. Since Miles practically lived online since he first logged on he had no idea how long he spent playing the game.

Without realizing it he didn't realize how much he had been drinking from the single shot of Celestial Brain Reaper. His brain was getting cloudier with each sip he took. As he kept reading and sipping he found himself drifting off again till he passed out again. Apparently he was more tired than he thought as he drifted on to the dream world.

Miles's Dream

Miles then woke up to a loud sound in a nearby room and shook his head as he felt dizzy. The pounding was coming from both next door and inside his head. Poor Miles was unsure why he was experiencing such delirium since it was new for him. He wondered if the doctors changed his IV drip to something stronger again for the pain. He wanted to go back to sleep but for some reason he had the urge to visit the little boys room.

Miles: What the? When did they add this feature? Arrrrgggh! Oh man my teeth are swimming. I gotta go bad.

Miles then got off the bed and staggered out of the room and began to look around for the bathroom. He had no idea where it was and needed to go bad. That Celestial Brain Reaper seemed to activate his system. As he was looking around while staggering he ran into Molly who was bringing a bottle of alcohol to one of the rooms. She turned a bit red as she looked Miles up and down while hiding her smile.

Molly: Sir?

Miles: I am sorry to ask but where is the bathroom?

Molly managed to stifle her giggle before answering him.

Molly: down the hall and to you left sir.

Miles: Thanks.

Miles did his best to ignored her snickering as he walked past her and staggered to the bathroom which was just an outhouse that was slightly isolated from the rest of the Inn. Luckily it was ventilated but very it was rather cold at the same time. After taking care of his business he made his way towards his room only to run into the Inn owner, Fletcher. The old man glared at him for a moment before he spoke up.

Fletcher: I hope you didn't throw up in your room. I'll charge you extra for that.

Miles: Uh..... no I didn't sir.

Fletcher: Good. And don't get to friendly with my wenches.

Miles was not ready to deal with an over protective father type at this point. He was again confused by this new feature. He didn't remember the NPC's showing such reactions before.

Miles: Ummm yeah sure.

Fletcher: Good. Now if only them others would do the same. They will have a hefty bill come check out if they don't behave.

Miles: Ummm I'm not with them sir. I just came in by myself.

Fletcher: I don't much care who you are with as long as it ain't my staff.

Miles: Yeah sure man. Chill. I'm gonna go now.

Fletcher: Be off wit ya then.

Miles exhaled deeply as he staggered back to his room. He was glad to be away from that grumpy old man. As he walked back to his room he heard loud noises still coming from a few rooms.

Miles: Man I don't remember the walls being this thin before. I wonder what the Admins are doing with the changes.

Miles shrugged it off as he went back to his room and locked the door just in case Abby swings by again. He could have sworn he locked the door last time but she came in so easily. It mad him wonder if she used a different key to get in. Since he was hoping to avoid trouble with her daddy, he played it safe and secured the door.

He then checked his clothes and they were now dry as he nodded and smirked. He got dressed and put his armor and pouch on and checked himself out to make sure he was presentable. Seeing as he was rested up and clean he wondered what to do. Since the Celestial Brain Reaper was to strong to drink in large doses, he decided to try a weaker drink. So Miles went down stairs to the bar and once again saw Molly working.

Molly: How may I help you sir.

Molly was a bit red in the face after seeing Miles again. This was a bit awkward for poor Miles so he took it in grace and decided to pull out his coin pouch and order a nice tequila.

Miles: Do you by chance have Blue Tarantula in stock?

Molly: I believe so. Do you want the bottle or a shot?

Miles: Bottle please.

Molly then took some coins in exchange for the bottle and a shot glass. Miles then took a few shots to warm his belly. He exhaled with pleasure as the spirits hit the spot. He should have gotten this instead, but its t late now. As he was enjoying his R&R time he almost snarfed as he heard one of the guests trying to play an accordion while singing quite awful. The manly male guest was trying to serenade a female elf guest who was not having it at all. Several other guests began throwing random stuff at him which pissed him off. Miles couldn't help but chuckle as well to the manly man with too much pride.

Since Miles was small in size compared to the others in the room the big manly man decided to target Miles to vent his anger on. The manly man then challenged Miles to regain his pride back and the other guests egged on the challenge. Miles could feel the stares of Molly and Fletcher from behind as they were gonna charge him extra for fighting in the Inn. Seeing as he was now stuck between a rock and a hard place he now had to man up to the challenge.

Miles: Okay okay you made your point dude.

Manly Man: Very well then I will...….(cut off)

Miles: As it just so happens I am a fellow musician. So we will have a play off.

Manly Man: Eh? A what? You must be daft.

Miles: Well as I recall you were upset because your lack of fans. We can take turns playing and let the crowd decide. This way we don't have to pay for damages to the Inn.

The Manly man pondered it as the crowd egged him on till he agreed. With a grunt he agreed and stood by the fire as he popped his tiny neck and flexed his huge muscles. It was quite a sight to see a large barbarian man with an accordion in tow. Then he stretched the billows and began to play his best toon.

Manly Man's Song

The crowd seemed to like his song as they raised their mugs and cheered him on. The manly man took a bow and pointed at Miles as he believed he had won already. The crowd then egged Miles to get up and take his turn. Seeing as he was now in the spotlight, Miles smirked and nodded.

Molly: Will you be okay sir?

Miles nodded as he reached into his pouch and pulled out a shiny silver flute.

Miles: I think I got this.

Miles then winked at Molly as he ignored Fletcher's sneer from a distance. Miles then walked by the manly man and stood by the fireplace as some of the crowd snickered at him. After sucking his teeth he began to play his flute.

Miles's Song

The audience was caught off guard and found themselves getting into the groove as they started chair dancing. Some of the females began to shake their groove thing on the Inn floor without a care in the world as Miles hopped on a table and playing his heart out. Once again Jazz Flute prevailed! Even the manly man found himself dancing to Miles's music. Molly was grooving to the beat as she ignored her boss's disapproval. The manly man not only admitted his loss but joined in and played along with Miles as the crowd shook their groove thing.


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