A Dog eat Dog World

She then turned and pounced on Tusbar with the intent of knocking him down. “ “ what is wrong with you” she growled at him. It was very clear she was angry. “ you are drunk picking fights and have covered both of us in fowl smelling drink” She continued. The growled again.

“ do you have any idea how stupid you look” she added as an afterthought.

Tusbar growled as the wolf lunged at him, speaking in the wolftongue language. He barely managed to stay up, catching the wolf in his arms and setting her down before she could do any damage.

"Maybe if you hadn't launched yourself at my drinking buddy, we wouldn't be in this shit-show, huh bird-wolf?" He jeered, petting her head while speaking in wolftongue. "Now I promised a fight, so I'm gonna settle it. The orc challenged me fairly, and I accepted. You can either watch, or wait in here. But either way just wait until I come back."

And before she could react, Tusbar was walking out the door behind the orc.


Standing about fifteen meters from one another, Tusbar finally felt a little bit sober. The sweet blissfulness was wearing off, and his instincts were kicking in. A few people had stepped outside to watch, excited for such a violent event. The orc eyed him with a nod, giving a slight grin.

"Its been a while since I've had a good fistfight, but I can tell this will be fun," he praised.

"Same for me, I think. I shall enjoy this too."

"May the best man win," commented the orc.

"Indeed," commented Tusbar, walking forth.

Even though Tusbar was tall, the orc was probably still half a foot taller, with a very similar, muscular build. The orc took began walking as Tusnar moved. Feeling the buzz of dizziness once more though, he quickly tripped and face-planted into the path. The orc continued to walk with a grin, noticing his foe was at a disadvantage. Or so it seemed.

Tusbar silently positioned his arms underneath himself, while spitting our a mouthful of dirt. As soon as the orc stood above him, he lunged upwards, using his arms to propel himself. With amazing nimbleness, he shifted his arm towards the orcs crotch, and with all his might, slammed his elbow into the nether regions of his foe. The orc stumbled back, clutching his groin and growling angrily, as Tusbar clambered to his feet and dusted his paws. The orc had recovered rather quickly, and to his astonishment, was able to launch a counterattack. Tusbar narrowly dodged a first punch, but felt his ribs crack as the second punch landed. Seeing the orc defenseless, he jabbed forward and landed a punch square in his head, bloodying up his opponents face. In response, the orc raised his fists, and swung, slamming into the side of Tusbars face. Tusbar stumbled back and regained focus. As the spectators cheered on, he positioned himself to strike. As the orc moved closer, his plan was set. He sidestepped, and using his foot placement, launched back to kick the orc in his leg, sending him to one knee. Tusbar twirled around and swung with his fist, punching the orc under the chin. The orcs head went back as he rose back to his feet. In a confused daze, he swung a flurry of blows, which caught Tusbar off guard. Two landing in his already cracked ribs, one clawing his stomach, leaving a nasty bloody scar, and one booping his nose, causing it to leak blood. With a sinister howl, Tusbar launched himself at the confused orc, sending him to the ground. As the orc tried to fight back, Tusbar dropped an elbow into his face, followed by two more elbows. As soon as the orc was unconcious, he grabbed him by the collar, and dragged him back into the inn with one hand, and clutching his ribs in the other, watching as the spectators stared in awe. Going through the doorway, he dragged the orc back to his seat, leaned him upright, and placed a nearby drink in his hand.

"Well fought," he muttered with a slight smirk.
He quickly sat down nearby where the musician was playing, and asked one of the barmaids for something to eat and something strong to drink. He rested back in the chair like nothing mattered, while placing his hand under his chin.

"I like your songs bard, or whomever you are," he commented as he began to listen, blood still dripping from his nose.


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