How much truble in one night-Revised

Glenn had seen the room change quickly he did not remember the party being like this maybe it was just the ale he did not know but before things would go to wrong, he would have to intervene. The man he got the meal for ate it quickly then Jason said and rose from his seat. saying "I... thank you for your kindness. If it's alright, I'd like to sleep on your offer. Come morning, you may yet come to your senses," Glenn smiled “Moring then, good night” he watched him walk off. Glenn turned to watch the room he would not go to his room until everyone left to make sure there was no issues.

“Sir Glenn, I will see you in the morning. May good rest find you.” said Al Ker. Glenn gives him a nod and sys “good night to you Al Ker, sleep well.”

Cyndel stands and says " Honestly, I'm done with all this social shit for the night. Strong drink and hot bath are all I really want right now. " Glenn nodded and know this was off some he remembers her to be more of a partyer. But with everything that has happed. I guess if Glenn could remember what it was.

Taking a seat near the fire Glenn warming himself thinking on what could come next. Then he heard Nate say, "We need to play a game!". "Perhaps a game of cards? This game has a card game in it right? All the fucking RPG's have card games. Triple Triad... Gwent... Pazaak... What card game is there in this god-for-fucking-saken game?" He glanced around the room at all the burly warriors of various races usually chosen for their added strength and combat benefits. "Maybe it's too complex a game for this crowd... I know... how about a spelling contest?"
The air in the tavern began to change to one of great annoyance. And unamused eyes fell on Nate as he continued to openly insult everyone. It seemed that Nate wasn't a happy drunk.

Glenn shook his head starting to feel this was going to go down hill fast. the body language of Serenity changed the nice owl eyed Nate, Serenity having had enough of Nathan’s antics pinched herself from Tusbar’s shoulder. She dived at the drunk man. Before landing she turned into a white wolf. Her eyes fixed on him. She landed her ears again her headed and bared her teeth in warning.

Miles entered the Inn to see several people in the room. Some of them looked like adventurers which made Miles feel better. He put his poncho back in his pouch before he spoke up. he asked, “Who do I see about a room, bath and a meal?” the man looks like a slightly shabby mage in a cheap raggedy robe. He looks human in just about every way. Glenn knew he was a mage and had been around a while another lost soul stuck here. watched him for a moment. glen saw movement from Tusbar.

Tusbar and a Half orc were getting into it over a drink Glenn thought. The orc nodded with a chuckle, "let's take this outside."

Tusbar quickly grabbed the last shot and quickly downed it, before towards the door the orc was heading to.

Nate and Serenity were still at it but no real fight had broken out Glenn was relieved that they had not hurt one other. She growled baring her teeth at the orc. Her hears lay back against her head and the fur on her back stood up. It was a warning to the orc. Grate Glenn thought everyone just beat up on the Half Orc. Well now Serenity won’t eat Nate, but Glenn bet Orc would not taste good either.

The Room was caught off guard and found themselves getting into the groove. Glenn tapped his foot to the music. Some of the females began to dance on the Inn floor without a care in the world as Miles hopped on a table and playing his heart out. Once again Jazz Flute prevailed! Even the manly man could himself dancing to stranger’s music. Abby was grooving to the beat as she ignored her father's disapproval. The manly man not only admitted his loss but joined in and played along with Miles as the crowd shook their groove thing.

Glenn was distracted buy a howl from outside it was Tusbar Glenn some how knew it. he could hear the wrestling outside in the mud. Tusbar came back in covered in some mud he had the half Orc by the collar, and dragged him back into the inn with one hand, and clutching his ribs in the other, watching as the spectators stared in awe. Going through the doorway, he dragged the orc back to his seat, leaned him upright, and placed a nearby drink in his hand. "Well fought," he muttered with a slight smirk. He quickly sat down nearby where the musician was playing and asked one of the barmaids for something to eat and something strong to drink. He rested back in the chair like nothing mattered, while placing his hand under his chin. "I like your songs bard, or whomever you are," he commented as he began to listen, blood still dripping from his nose.

Glenn shook his head and stood up and walk over to Tusbar and the Half Orc and Said “really? I see you won well, let me fix this he raised one of his hands up palm facing them. Saying “Deum de Deo, Sanitatem Divina!” Tusbar and the Half Orc begin to glow a gold color as their injuries begin to heal. Glenn shook his head at them “now you guys are all better stop acting like kids.” Glenn warrened. The Half Orc wake up looked at Glenn as his eyes focused “Inquisitor?” looking at the drink then Tusbar. “I loss didn’t I” Glenn gave a stern look “yes you did now all is good you have a drink now drink it and be nice or you will deal with me, Good evening” said Glenn. He walked way and sat by the fire and waited for the next thing to come up.

Standing up Artimis walked over with a grunt he decided just to go to bed. Standing He nodded to Glenn and Old Fletcher before heading off to his room. Glenn somehow knew this night was right and not right at the same time. Glenn got up and walk over to Fletcher who was standing there in watching the room. “I will deal with this in the morning when all are heads are clear.” Fletcher gave a nod but was his face said he was mad. Glenn just nodded back at Artimis.

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