OOC - Game Update

I was just reviewing all the characters so far and noticed some common details that oddly enough struck me as important to the ongoing story thus far.

You don't have to agree with me on this but I thought these details could be useful.

One thing I did notice is that its very likely that all the Real World players know each other save for Vader ( Though Vader's origin may not be as cut and dry as the bio suggests. )


What we know so far …

Start Date -
01 Jan 2032

The Game -
Dungeons Deep and Dark
4.2 Update & Expansion (Domino)

The Company -
Reynholm Industries.
Giant Games Entertainment Subdiv

The Party -

Glenn Greystone - Aasimar Inquisitor
PC Active - Unknown
~ IT Network Security Administrator

Kara - Warrior (Barbarian)
PC Active - Unknown
~ IT Software Engineer

Cyndel Blackfar - Dark Elf Wizardress
PC Active - 2 to 3 years
~ Tech Support (Part Time)

Artimis - Changeling Rogue
PC Active - 1 to 2 years
~ IT Helpdesk

Vader - Dread Knight, Undead
PC Active - ** 10 years
~ Former In game NPC

Invicita - Warforged, Envoy
PC Active - 8 years
~ Giant Games - Game Designer

** Dungeons Deep and Dark is only 10 years old.


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