We are Ven- Err, I mean Snagga!

Jason couldn't help but stare agasp at the undead horror as it raised a skeletal digit, pointing past him and at the Inquisitor.

"I have a bone to pick with you and yours," the apparition said.

"Do I know you?" Glenn asked cooley, rising to his feet.

And then all hell broke loose. The ground shook and from every dark corner, skeletal warriors began to crawl forth.

'Fight or die,' a voice whispered in his head that was decidedly not his own.

He immediately drew his sword, Snagga. The blackened blade was so offensive to the eye that even the skeletons seemed to have difficulty looking at it. As he stepped forward to engage his first foe, the blade seemed to suck in the light around it, like a black hole.

The skeleton struck first, swinging a longer broad sword in a wide arc. He jumped back, narrowly escaping a disembowelment. The skeleton hissed and swung again, in the opposite direction. He deflected the blow and parried, but didn't make contact.

'Pathetic,' the voice said. 'Lunge! Now!'

Stepping forward, he thrust his sword into the skeleton's chest. It split the sternum and continued on, bisecting the spin. Both halves of the skeleton fell to the ground and turned to dust. But instantly, there were two more to engage him.

"Deum de Deo, tum pius ignis immortui!" he heard Glenn call out.

The two skeletons dropped to the floor in pieces of smoldering, black bone. He took a deep breath.

'A pity. We still hunger!' the voice said.

But there were plenty more skeletons crawling about the inn and soon Jason found himself facing off against another. This time, he swung overhead and with all his might. When it came down, Snagga knocked the blade from the enemy's hands. A second blow removed its arm at the elbow. And a third, accompanied by a cry of murderous intent, sliced it in half across the rib cage.

Just as he was starting to feel optimistic about his chances of survival, Jason felt a wave of unholy magic crash over him. He cried out in agony and fell to his knees. Around him, the bodies of all the NPCs and but a handful of the Adventurers crumbled to the floor and shriveled into lifeless husks. Even flies fell from the air. He slumped over onto his side, Snagga still clutched in his hand. All went black.

'Oh no. We're not done with you, yet!'

...And then life violently surged back into his body. Jason gasped and his eyes shot wide open. In front of him stood a human PC. His mouth hung open in a horrible death cry. And from his chest, protruded the jagged blade of Snagga.

"No! NO! You wouldn't!" he screamed, stumbling back.

As Snagga pulled free, the hero fell to the ground clutching his chest.

"I'm so sorry...," he muttered and turned away.

He was immediately assailed by three more skeletons. Filled with rage and a sudden vigor which he'd never known before, he easily dispatched them with a series of lightning fast attacks. In that moment, they seemed to be moving in slow motion. He drove Snagga through one and into another, vanquishing them both. Then he simply lunged at the third and severed head from neck.

"Ahhhh!" he screamed at the top of his lungs.

He could feel the Librarian's gaze on him for the briefest of moments before Glenn called out, "Leave this place Litch! We take this outside! If your fight is with me, we deal with this and you will pay for what you have done!"

He stumbled forward, sword at the ready. But the inquisitor had dispelled the remainder of the skeletons.

'So much anger! So much hatred! So much power! We must feed on its unlife force!' the voice said and the sword practically jumped forward, dragging Jason along with it.

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