Ummm Hey?

Miles ran full tilt and leapt but not high as he would have liked raised the cast iron pan in the air and with all his might slamming it into the Lich's back. The pan exploded into a hundred shards upon impact.
Lacking an alternative Miles exhaled his acid dragon breath into the Lich's face hoping it would at the very least weaken the fiend as he staggered away just avoid the web spell that was followed by a pair of hands made of earth and clay that grasped the fiends legs.
" Enough of this foolishness... " The Lich kicking away from the grasp of the earthen hands. " This is not over Graystone, I will have My Revenge. "
The words hovered in the empty air as the Lich dissolved into a cloud of mist that slowly faded from view.

Miles was still spitting up acid as he saw the Lich vanish. He was relieved to see the Lich turn tail and run. He only had one more fire dragon breath left for the day and then he was down to basic magic and hand to hand combat. Sadly he was hurting from heartburn now, which was a side effect of acid breath at a low level. If he had to use his fire breath he would have to suffer even longer.

Hoping to ease his stomach he pulled some stomach medicine from his pouch and drank it. It would take a good thirty minutes to kick in, but it was better than waiting a few hours for it to naturally recover. Miles put the empty bottle back into his pouch hoping to refill it later on. Granted he had lots of stomach meds on him, but he didn't want to destroy the bottles since he could reuse them later on if there was a shortage in medicine bottles.

The area around him was both familiar and different at the same time and now that he was sober, a lot of stuff didn't make sense. His judgement was no longer clouded by alcohol, but it still felt like it was. His memory was like swiss cheese now, meaning he had holes where memories were and they seem to be permanently gone for now or at least cloudy with a chance of meatballs. On the bright side he was alive and almost well, all things considered. He opened his status board to see his current status. Miles checked his health, mana and cool down time for his magic used and acid breath.

As he scrolled through his spells, skills and inventory he was relieved to see he still had a decent supply of resources and even some junk items he had yet to sell like low level weapons, armor and shields. Then he saw some stuff he had completely forgotten about and gave a half smile as he was relieved to know he still had them. He then closed his status board and looked around to see the land was all mucky and wet.

It was then that he realized he was alone with a bunch of strangers. Since he preferred to be a solo player he found himself not knowing what to say. He scratched the back of his head as he chuckled uncomfortably.

Miles: Ummm like hey. I'm 1000 Miles Drunk but everyone who knows me calls me Miles. I am kinda confused on what happened to the game, sooooooo…. like do you guys have any clues?

Miles was hoping for one of the others to answer him with a proper answer and not an "I don't know either", since that would suck big time.


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