"Enough of this foolishness...," said the litch kicking away from the grasp of the earthen hands. "This is not over Graystone, I will have my revenge!"

The litch then desolved into a cloud of mist before anyone else could press the attack.

'Pathetic! You didn't so much as land a single blow on that abomination!' Snagga yelled within Jason's head after the litch was gone.

"Curse you and your hunger!" he yelled back.

He tried to hurl the blade away but his hand wouldn't release it.

"You bastard! You didn't have to kill him!" he screamed.

'We did not kill anyone,' the voice hissed.

"So what if you used my hands to do it! He's still dead," Jason said, still trying to loose the blade.

'Stupid human! With the application of a healing spell, he may yet recover,' Snagga hissed.

"What?" Jason said, wide eyed.

The voice however did not respond. Running back inside the inn, he pulled out a tattered scroll and began reading its contents to the comatose PC. As he did, he felt a warm glow begin to envelop his hand. He held it to the suckling chest wound and watched as it began to close up. Suddenly he gasped as life flowed back into him.

"Thank the gods," Jason said, dropping the scroll which was now blank.

'Gods... have no place here,' Snagga finally said.

Jason didn't bother sticking around to explain himself to the PC. Instead, he rejoined the group he'd been invited to.

"Ummm like hey. I'm 1000 Miles Drunk but everyone who knows me calls me Miles. I am kinda confused on what happened to the game, sooooooo…. like do you guys have any clues?" one of them asked him as he approached.

The man smelt rank and walked with a decided lack of coordination. Obviously he hadn't fully slept off the previous night's merriments.

"We... uh, I don't know either," he said.

The man seemed more than a little disappointed with Jason's answer. But it was all he had.

"Inquisitor... Glenn... what happened here? What have you done to draw the ire of such a powerful enemy?" he asked Glenn.

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