Names, Places, and Faces

Raising my blade, I brought it down with force upon the fiend. I recognized the katana mid-swing as the Blade of Heroes, though from where exactly I got it was still fuzzy.


The blade slashed across the Lich's back with a trail of ghostly blue light, and at first, I was satisfied with my attack. That all changed when the Lich spun, deathly gaze on me, and brought down its cursed weapon upon my left shoulder. Shock and pain ran through me as my shoulder plates and the wooden mass beneath cracked and twisted under the forces of the Lich's swing.

Damn it! I thought, collapsing to the ground clutching my wound. I was so sure of my attack. My Issen skill allowed me to do two times my regular damage, and on top of that, the Blade of Heroes did additional damage to cursed and evil foes, which this Lich inarguably was. And yet, I'd only managed to force a short momentary stagger. What must I have done, 900 damage out of 100,000? If I had teeth I would grit them, both due to pain and disappointment. The thought that such a foe could materialize out of thin air and proceed to wreak havoc upon our numbers with such ease, it did not at all bode well with me.

Alas, our combined effort seemed to do well to piss the Lich off, and with a declaration of imminent revenge, it turned and dematerialized, leaving us only to recover. I strained to try and stand, but only made it as far as knees. My arm was held limply at my side, utterly numb. I'd noticed a dour-faced wizard making his rounds offering what aid he could to the others by way of what looked to be a low-level healing spell. Soon he made his way over to me and gritted his teeth at my injury. Letting go of my devastated arm, I pulled up my holographic chat tab.

"Yes, it feels just how it looks." The automated voice didn't do justice the pain I was currently in.

"Jeez, I don't how much I can do for you."

The wizard cast the spell a few times, it served only to return feeling to my arm and keep it from falling off. Even still, I nodded thanks.

"I believe Glenn could be of more service, or maybe that elf girl."

The wizard nodded and made to turn away, but turned his gaze back to me once more.

"Hey, don't I know you?"

I tilted my head with confusion.

"I sure as hell don't know you. My name's Invicta."

"Invicta..." The wizard said, likely thinking the name over. I was sure what exactly had happened, but it seemed something had affected our memories. I remembered things I wasn't sure how I remembered, places I wasn't sure I'd ever been. Names; The Well of Souls, Necrolon, Belrog, Vader...from Star Wars? My mind was spinning, the pain only made it worse. I stumbled my way to Glenn, who looked to me with an expression of recognition.

"You're welcome." I typed grumpily. With all of the confusion stirring in my mind, Glenn was currently the only thing clear. My memories were like a blurry panorama with the paladin's face being the only thing in focus. And then, not even he was perfectly clear. I was wanting answers, but first, I needed to end this pain. If Glenn could heal me, something told me I knew someone who could patch my armor up. They'd done it before after all.

As the rest of the group recovered, I found that just about everyone who could stand had gravitated to Glenn, pegging him with questions and inquires, mostly about his relationship with that Lich. Come to think of it, the thing did seem hellbent on destroying Glenn above all else. I figured I ought to have been thinking about how the hell a high-level monster such as that one had managed to storm its way into a town like this, they simply weren't programmed to do that, but however much I had forgotten, a few things did still remain, everything involving this game was fucked, the NPC's were practically sentient, and something either within the game or maybe even outside of it, like maybe the developers or someone of similar significance, apparently wanted to keep all of us just where we were.

A spiky-haired young man whose features, sans his hair, made him look like an NPC stepped forth scratching his head with a confused look on his face.

"Ummm like hey. I'm 1000 Miles Drunk but everyone who knows me calls me Miles. I am kinda confused on what happened to the game, sooooooo…. like do you guys have any clues?"

Afterwards another man, this one nearly looked like a beggar, though one that could fight, approached.

"We... uh, I don't know either," he said.

The Miles seemed more than a little disappointed with the man's answer.

"Inquisitor... Glenn... what happened here? What have you done to draw the ire of such a powerful enemy?" he asked Glenn.

"I believe we've been trapped in the game. I'm pretty sure none of the features you would usually use to "log-out" work anymore, and I'm sure you've all noticed that you don't have any sort of connection with your real-world bodies."

I paused to give those this was news to a moment to process what I'd said.

"And as for the other thing...I don't know either. Glenn?"

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