Chaos in the Streets

That short distance to the main gate was like watching the collapse of all social order and civilization as a whole take place in slow motion. Cyndel looking on as the crowded avenue around her grew more and more hostile as Player and Non-Player alike started picking sides.

A small group of local youths offering cruel laughter as they molested a young priestess.

A warrior or rogue man handling a common girl pulling her about roughly by her long hair as he cursed her.

And then that moment when the eerie calm passed and the storm came suddenly. Cyndel couldn't tell what started it all but a sharp cry was heard and both sides took up arms going after each other with a rage and fury that was unlike anything Cyndel had ever witnessed before.

In horror Cyndel watched as defending Player Characters hacked down attackers left and right and were than over run.

The Players without question far more powerful but it was clear enough to both her and the Non-Player Characters that where one side had raw power the other had far far greater numbers. A fact the commoners quickly learned to exploit as mobs of them took down the defending players one after another.

A girls scream than drawing attentions back to the young priestess from the moment before. The look of terror of her innocent face as her bodice was ripped away. Her bared breasts exposed to leering gaze of her lawless tormentors. Harsh laughter following as the girl was than dragged bodily from the street. Screaming as what was left of her dress was torn away before disappearing into a nearby alleyway where the girls screams only grew more frantic before they were lost in the roar of battle.

" Holy Shit. " Was all Cyndel could think to say as the chaos took hold around her. Hateful looks and wild eyes turning in her direction as the commoners grew bold enough to point their blood stained weapons in her direction.

" Fuck that … " Cyndel cursed sharply before calling the first real spell she'd used in days.

" Nebula dissolvetur Timore absoluta "

Cyndel knew the rules enough to know that Players were not supposed to use combat spells in town but than again the local's were not supposed to rape and murder the Players like dogs either.

A sphere of dark energies extended outwards rapidly as tendrils black mist spiraled outward from her hands. A dark haze filling the street causing the Non-Player Characters looking about in confusion for a moment before the spell took full effect and terror filled their eyes and the senseless screaming started.

In a matter of moments the way to the Town's main gate was clear save for the dead and dying. The rest Player and Non-player alike fleeing in terror.

Cyndel smiled coldly nodding her approval before summoning forth her carpet of flying. She wasn't supposed to use this in town either but the old rules seemingly no longer applied anymore.


A few moments later she joined the others outside of town as Vader pointed out the advancing Spriggen.

" Let them be… " Cyndel frowned motioning back the way of township." Everyone in town has gone Fucking nuts. It's likely the all the hate and bloodshed in StoneGate is what's drawn them out. Let those fucks in town deal with them. "

She motioned northward than. " Our path takes us that way so let us away."

The carpet under her feet seemingly knowing the path started Northward along the road.

Truthfully Cyndel just wanted to put as much distance between her and the madness that had taken hold in StoneGate.


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