First Blood

Nathan watched in horror as the town descended into madness. Gripping his sword and pulling it from its scabbard he prepared for a fight as players and NPC's started rioting. A large man had come up behind Nathan unawares and seized him. The man laughed with lecherous intent, his arms clamping down on him like a vice. He seized Nathan's sword and sent it clattering to the ground.

"Hey pretty lady, you seem to know how to handle a sword..." the man growled as his hands began to violate Nathan.

"Cause I was born with one you fucker!" Nathan tried to wriggle from the man's grasp but he was a head taller than Kara, who Nathan had made six foot tall to solidify her Amazonian look. The guy was also massive, he looked fat but in his grip Nathan could tell it was mostly muscle. He tried to kick at the man but it was to no avail.

"We're gonna have some fun, pretty lady." The man said. Nathan felt something press against his back and a cold chill went down his spine.

"Oh hell no." He started to fight harder. Kicking and trying his best to slip out of the man's iron grip as he dragged Nathan into a secluded area. Desperation sank in and Nathan's mind went into a panic as he continued to fight as best he could. Then he realized he hadn't been using all of his body to fight off his attacker. He lowered his head and prepared for the inevitable pain that would ensue as he slammed the back of his head into the man's nose. There was a loud, sickening, crunch and the man let out a bellow of pain and dropped Nathan to clutch at his broken nose.

Without even thinking, Nathan leaped for his sword which lay just a couple feet away from him, seized it, and turned to bring it down on his attacker. With a sharp, metallic, thud and a wet crunch Nathan cleaved the man's head in two and watched the lifeless body crumple into a heap in front of him.

The realistic feeling of the blade cutting into the man's skull, the slight pull of it being halfway stuck in the bone, and the warm splash of blood on Nathan's arms and face all shook him to the core. He backed away and started towards the main gate.

Was that what it felt like to kill someone? To actually kill someone? Nathan wasn't sure just how realistic the game had become, but it felt too real at the moment. He fell silent and went over to a nearby stream to wash the blood from his face and arms. Once he was clean he searched for the others and found them just as Cyndel started to ride her carpet northward.

The others seemed to have their own mounts, and Nathan looked at them sheepishly. He tried not to show the absolute terror he was still coming to grasp with after his first, seemingly true, kill. "I... uh... Kinda need a ride, anyone willing to let me ride bitch?"

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