...And still it rains.

Jason met Cyndel's entrancing gaze as she dropped the chocolate coins into his hand

"Nor you, sadly...," she said with a shrug of her slender shoulders.

"Sadly indeed, milady," was all he could think to say in reply.

He silently listened on, unwrapping the coins one at a time and popping them into his mouth; savoring the rich, flavorful treat.

"There were others I recall but clearly they are no longer with us," the dark elf maiden continued.

Though Jason could not remember them, he was certain that he too had lost dear companions. Cheetara...

'Cheetara?' Snagga asked.

"How did you...?" Jason whispered in bemusement.

'There's nothing you can hide from us, human,' Snagga said.

Jason scowled, "I don't even know."

Just then, he spotted the drunkard eyeing him up. Noticing him staring back, the man nodded and took an unsteady step back and eventually wondered off. Did he really want to throw in with this lot? The last thing he needed to deal with was someone more damaged than he was.

Later, outside

He watched on as the one called Al Ker tossed a ball of flame into the cold, lifeless hollow that was the inn. He hadn't felt welcome there, but at least it'd been warm and dry. Outside, the dark clouds continued to obscure the sun, dumping their cargo of water on all unfortunate enough to stand beneath them.

Jason didn't have a mount and those within the ramshackle stables were either already claimed or had been set loose.

'...Probably that drunk imbecil,' Snagga remarked.

So he stepped back out on foot to join the others. He tightened his hooded cloak, in preparation for another long journey.

Artimis rode by, splashing mud as he went. His horse was so overburdened with junk from the inn that Jason didn't dare ask for a ride out of pity for the steed. Glenn wore such heavy armor that again, he did not dare to ask more of the already burdened horse. Then there was the drunkard. ...His horse surely had it bad enough already. And then he came to Cyndel, who was also steedless. But with a few magic words, she summoned a freaking flying freaking carpet and hopped on!

Jason's head dropped and he just started walking.

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